The 5/30 RULE

As a new mom to a gorgeous 15 month old girl my time is limited and very valuable. Some days my to-do list takes me well into the late hours of the night which for any mom is a green light to grab something fast and normally unhealthy for the family. Worry no more Chef Kat to the rescue with the best solution to quick, affordable healthy eating. It’s called the 5/30 Rule (”mom code for 5 Ingredients made in 30 mins.“) Keep in mind the steps below are made with shrimp because I'm a seafood lover however they are interchangeable with your protein of choice. Please note by substituting your meat of choice it may adjust the time to ensure your meat is properly cooked. Without further ado, let's get started:

What should you do first?

Contrary to popular belief it’s always best to prepare your mise en place (French term, means “to put in place” or “Gather and prepare your ingredients.”). By doing so you will protect your 30 minute cook time and leave no room for surprises.


Always clean and rinse your meat before cooking. There are mixed feeling on this but I prefer to lean on error of caution.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Season your protein (set aside or marinate)

  2. Decide on what pan(s), tools and equipment prior

  3. Review the recipe before starting (A MUST)

  4. Start cooking with confidence (the food will be good to you if you’re good to it)

  5. Presentation is everything. Remember pexpel eat wit’s their eyes so plating is important.

By following these 5 easy steps you’re guaranteed a delicious, 5 star platted meal in 30 minutes. *give or take your protein of choice.

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